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Business in Tangent

The location of Tangent is perfect for businesses to set up shop! Tangent is conveniently located between Albany, Corvalis, Eugene, and Lebanon.

We're 30 minutes away from the Capitol City of Salem and under two hours from downtown Portland. Click the link below to learn more.

City Government

Tangent is a Home Rule City with a

Council-Manager form of government. The city has a Mayor and four City Council positions are all volunteer.

Our Budget Committee, Park Commission, and Planning Commission are all volunteer positions appointed by the City Council. Click the link below to join us! 

Home in Tangent

Tangent is home to 1,231 residents that enjoy a small rural town not far from four cities and two world-class universities, the University of Oregon and Oregon State University nearby.

Tangent is a great community to call home, with fun events and a strong community ready to welcome you!

Latest News


Welcome Message from Mayor Loel Trulove, Jr.


Welcome to the City of Tangent website!

We invite you to get involved with the city as we have many wonderful opportunities to meet city staff and neighbors and create new memories and endless stories!

I highly encourage you to get involved as we plan to host Tangent's 50th birthday as a municipality and return to the Tangent Harvest Festival on September 23, 2022!


Loel Trulove

Loel Trulove, Jr.


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