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Cyber Security Warning

The City of Tangent has been made aware of emails claiming to be from a former city employee. The email asks the recipient to click on the link below. If you received such an email, do not click the link.

How to verify emails sent from the City of Tangent

All emails from the City of Tangent will have the staff's first initial and last name, Please note we no longer use or .net in our email address.

The staff member that sends an email will have a signature, including the City Seal, full name, position, and disclosure about all emails subject to Oregon Public Law. City Staff will never ask for the following information:

  • Bank information for payment

  • Check numbers for payment

  • Payment through an app (CashApp, Venmo)

  • Payment through gift cards

  • Payment for a citation online

  • Personal information such as social security or driver's license number

The only online payment system is for the City of Tangent Sewer Utility, accessible on our website.

City staff will not share email or any contact with former employees.

What to do if unsure about email recieved claiming to be the City of Tangent?

  • Do not click on any links.

  • Call Tangent City Hall.

  • Move the sender to junk once assured it did not come from city staff.

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